Abstract submission has been closed including Posters.

Abstract Submission to ICCOPT2016

1. ICCOPT 2016 uses a one-presentation per participant rule. Please adhere the sprit of this rule, and commit to giving no more than one presentation.

2. Deadlines.

Abstract submission for organized sessions and contributed sessions: Apr. 23, 2016

Abstract submission for poster session: May 16, 2016

Registration for speakers: May 31, 2016

3. A submitted talk will not appear on the program of ICCOPT 2016 unless the speaker’s registration is completed by May 31, 2016.

4. Registration and submission will be done through ICCOPT2016 Web System.

5. Password is required to submit a talk to an organized session. If you don’t know it, please ask the corresponding session organizer. No password is required to submit your talk to a contributed session or a poster session.

6. Abstracts should be no longer than 200 words. Abstract titles should be no longer than 25 words.

7. To avoid unnecessary complexity increase in scheduling, please do NOT send any scheduling request except for emergent situation. Even in such a case, it is not guaranteed that we comply with your scheduling request.