ICCOPT 2016 Web System

Access to ICCOPT 2016 Web System

  • Preregistration is over.

How to use

  1. 1. Create an account of ICCOPT 2016 Web System
  2. You account should be a reachable email address. Every information registered to the system will be sent to this email address. Please adjust your mail receiving system not to reject mails from

    By providing your email address and clicking the bottun "create an account", you will receive a mail from the system containing a link. Click the link to register your information to ICCOPT 2016 Web System. You are required to register basic information such as name, password, etc.. All of these information can be changed later except the status whether you are a student or not.

  3. 2. Login with your account and password to ICCOPT 2016 Web System
  4. The first page you see after your login is called MyPage. From MyPage, you can register to the conference, submit an abstract, buy banquet tickets, and book accommodations at National Olympics Memorial Youth Center.


  1. Q. I do not receive any email when I click `create an account'.
  2. A. The mail is filtered out by some reason. Please check your spam mail box. The mail is sent from the domain:, so set your mail system not to reject mails from this domain.

  1. Q. How can I check abstract submissions of speakers of my organized session?
  2. A. ICCOPT 2016 Web System does not have this functionality. Sorry.

  1. Q. I want to change the title of my organized session.
  2. A. We cannot change the names of the organized sessions on the running web system. Please use the session name as it is. Of course, you can change it later; late May or early June, we will ask each organizer to send the order of presentation within the session, and at that time, we accept the change of the session name.

  1. Q. Which credit card can I use?
  2. A. You can use VISA and MasterCard.

  1. Q. Why don't you accept my credit card?
  2. A. We are very sorry, but we do not know. The credit card companies check whether the card is valid or not, and they do not give us any information even when the card is denied.