Parallel Sessions and Poster Session

How to Find Your Session (updated: August 6)

Detailed Schedule of Parallel Sessions and List of Poster Presentations (updated: August 11)

ICCOPT2016 Booklet

Late Changes and Errata of Booklet (updated: August 11)

Instructions for Presentation

Instructions to Speakers and Chairs (Session Structure and Length of Talk)

  • Each parallel session is 75-minute long and has three speaker-spots. To allow attendees to do “session jumping,” each speaker is asked to finish his/her talk within 25 minutes including questions and discussion time and follow the order of the presentations, even if the session has only one or two speakers. Even if the first or second speaker does not show up in the session, the session chairs are requested not to slide the following talks to the empty spot.

Instructions to Speakers (Presentation Device)

  • All session rooms will be equipped with a computer projector and a VGA cable. We ask you to bring your own presentation device (laptop/tablet computer) to your session rooms and connect it to the projector with the VGA cable on your own or pre-arrange to share with others in your sessions. Note that we will not prepare the other type connectors, adapters, or pointers. Especially if your laptop is an Apple product or a tablet, you will need appropriate adapters for the external video output. We also ask you to bring an electronic copy of your presentation with an USB flash drive as a backup.
  • Please bring a power adapter. We recommend that you do not attempt to run your presentation off the laptop battery. If your laptop is not compatible with AC power, please bring an electrical adapter so you can connect to Japanese electricity. Note that the type of the electrical plug in Japan is Type A and the voltage is 100V.
  • Please check if you can connect your presentation device without trouble in advance before the session starts. If you have a problem, you can ask for help from staffs. (They are wearing yellow vest of ICCOPT 2016 Tokyo and are always around the rooms where the sessions are going on.)

Instructions for Poster Presentation

  • Please put up your poster on a board placed at the Foyer on the 1st floor by 17:30, Monday August 8, before the poster session starts. The location of your board will be indicated on site. You can put up your poster from 14:45. Poster boards are 90cm wide and 180cm height. Please use tape to hang your poster. Tape will be provided by the organizing committee.